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Will do (almost) anything for cake!

When VP announced the Bloggers Cut as her contribution to the Chelsea Fringe events, I gaily said I would have Dobby and Beangenie around to celebrate and eat cake.

I had hoped to get them to do a couple of hours weeding and then have cake as a reward, but sadly, as Beangenie was providing the cake, somehow that meant she was let off weeding duty.

As the day was deliciously warm – a real summers day, Dobby and I decided a much better use of our time was to clear out the pond. This is an annual task which I probably wouldn’t do if Dobby didn’t come and give me a hand – it is much more fun with two people swishing around knee deep in water pulling out vast clumps of gunk.  Happily we found 4 small fish, which is excellent news as I thought the heron got them in the winter, sadly he did get “Lonely” our big gold fish.



For me visiting gardens and cake go hand in hand. I love to visit RHS and NGS gardens. The tea and cake is part of the whole experience. Sitting down with a cup of tea and (if the gods are kind) Coffee and Walnut cake gives me a chance to mull over what I have seen in the garden and when visiting the garden with friends, this is also a time to compare notes, as so often friends have noticed something that has completely passed me by and vise versa. When I open my garden for the NGS, cake is a really big part of the experience for my visitors. Some people in the village are disappointed that I am not opening this year, they like the fact that if the day is nice, they can walk to our house, walk around the garden, have a delicious tea and meet up with friends.

I think one of the reasons that I have stayed on the committee of our local gardening club is that one of the ladies on the committee provides wonderful cake for the meeting and (bless her) she now seems to have extra bits so I can bring them home for Shedman and second helpings for me! (yum yum).

I should perhaps point out here that one of the reasons that I enjoy cake so much is that I am rubbish at making it myself. I know that a good craftsman never blames his tools, but this winter I did have a little go at the whole baking thing. To my horror I discovered that the fact my oven doesn’t have a light really does matter when you are baking. That the temperature is 30 degrees below what it says on the dial and the difference between the top and bottom shelf, even though it is a fan oven is also 30 degrees …. needless to say, my little foray into cake making didn’t last long.

So because I love cake, and am rubbish at making them, I will do (almost) anything for cake, especially when it goes hand in hand with something garden related.

Tea in the garden


(You will no doubt notice that the garden is looking very wild and woolly but the tea was lovely, thanks to Dobby for the muffins and Beangenie for the chocolate cake)


19 comments to Will do (almost) anything for cake!

  • I love the idea of bribing weeding with cake. Might have to reuse that one if I can find a willing victim or two… 😉 What fabulous weather, and the garden (and cake) is looking lovely.

  • Dobby

    I have to say that the pond was particularly revolting this year. Very smelly. So I might have only done a little bit of weeding, but I deserved the cake! What treat have you in store for when we go back in next month?

    The cake was lovely. You can’t beat home made cake. So thank you Beangenie.

  • Gosh I am going to have to get a van load of cake to bribe my weeders!!

  • I just tried to add 15+7 and made 23. They said I had missed the security question, I thought I was just being human and made a mistake. lol. Now the next bit 7+13 is 20 I hope.!!

  • Love cake and I really dont beleive you cant make a cake. I have a foolproof tea loaf recipe that you should try.
    I see from Kate’s blog that you have been mega busy, cant wait to see it

  • VP

    It’s not looking wild and woolly at all, but all dreamy like a painting :)

    I’m so glad to have given you all the perfect excuse to get together – wish I could have been there too, but yours and Kate’s posts are the next best thing.

    You had my favourite cake too!

  • It was a great way to end a weekend of amazingly seasonal weather. Can’t quite believe it’s continuing…

    I have one question: what on earth have you done with all the, er, stuff from the pond?

  • Is it possible to visit a garden without a slice? It’s a very English tradition for sure.

  • What a lovely way to pass an afternoon, with good friends and cake! The cake looks scrumptious, wish I could have been there, not for the weeding, plenty of my own still to do, but the cake and chat sounds wonderful!

  • Pauline has taken the words out of my mouth :) I’m glad to see somebody else admit that that they can’t bake – perhaps we should start up an exclusive club Karen.

  • Alas too remote for garden visiting or even gardening allies to bribe with cake. So I’ll just have to eat it all myself, provided Himself doesn’t get to the cake tin first.
    Your garden tea looked lovely.

  • Oh that sounds wonderful, splashing around in the pond with a friend is fun, clearing out a pond by oneself can be messy and too much like a smelly chore. Add in cake, and perfect! Sounds to me as if you could do with a new oven – my cake baking is distinctly limited at the moment due to a similar large temperature differential within the oven and the fact that there seems to be an exposed element at the top of it which basically grills everything. I am so looking forward to having a nice new one with a fan and everything. Then I will be able to visit, admire your garden, and cry off weeding duty by brandishing coffee and walnut cake!

  • I think your garden looks beautiful. Tea, cake and gardening is there a better way to spend a day? :)

  • Great looking cake! Cake and gardening go together so well! So well in fact that cake should be a compulsory part of gardening.

  • VP is right dreamy is the word.Gardens should be dreamy in June. Its great to read your blog again and know you are feeling better. Carry on with the cake!

  • I missed the cake! And can’t wait to see the garden and you too of course. Roll on Tuesday

  • Ah… another carrot and walnut cake :-) It looks very pretty with it’s lavender decoration. Great to have someone bring you cake to eat in your garden after you get help from another gardening friend with the pond chore. Sounds like you have the summer sorted – enjoy 😀

  • Wow! This appears to be a nice garden party, nothing like it enjoying your cakes and teas in natural surroundings.

  • Am in need of a weeding team! I make a great fig cake. Any takers?