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Guess What!

If you read my last post, the eagle eyed among you will notice I mentioned my three “Thalia” daffodils, yep, sadly I do only have three.

Yesterday was our local gardening club’s “Spring Show” as I have resolved to become more involved with the club, this year for the first time ever I entered the show and I am happy to report that my daffodils won third prize in the “small cup multi flowered” class!

I also managed to get a third for my three floating hellebore flowers, and a second for my Primula.

Perhaps I am better at the Spring gardening thing than I thought – and I am absolutely buying more daffodil bulbs in the Autumn – there were 7 different classes just for daffodils – who knew they were such complex creatures.

a variety of daffodils at the gardening club spring show

15 comments to Guess What!

  • It’s odd but I like daffodils almost anywhere except in my own garden. I only have a little clump of white ones which are very pretty and that is it. The display in your picture looks magnificent but I am not sure I would like them so much growing outdoors, particularly some of the more frou-frou types.

  • So that means you dont have any daffs in your garden now:(. I think you have been so focussed on your late summer garden especially due to the NGS opening that you have forgotten about spring or maybe spring has in past years been so wet and miserably you have been happy to forget about it.

    I am impressed that you entered the competition and well done. I nearly entered the local summer one here but bailed. I am thinking of sussing it out this year and then building myself up to enter next year!!

  • Nice! Ours are just starting.

  • Dobby

    Well done. So what are you going to enter next year?

  • p

    Well done from me as well.Can we see a picture of the three floating hellebore flowers as well?

  • Congratulations on your success!! especially as you sacrificed your daffodils to enter!

  • Congratulations, what a beautiful show. No such shows around us at this time of year which is a shame. Everything is in the late summer. The warm weather has meant the daffs haven’t lasted quite as long in our garden this year. Hope we still have some for Easter.

  • I have a good variety of daffodils in my garden, including the February Gold and my favorite Thalias. Besides being my birthday flower, I like them because I crave any color after a gray winter and the bright, friendly yellow does the trick; plus they seem to be able to take a little cold weather where other early bloomers can’t.

  • Wooo – go you, that is an impressive haul! Thalia is one of my favourite daffs. I have planted it it around the fruit trees in Chicken World, and also in the woodland border – delicate and understated.

  • How beautiful! I wish I could grow them here in Mumbai.
    Congratulations on the win(s), Karen. Such a nice feeling to have your flowers appreciated by others too :)

  • Congratulations on the prizes for your spring flowers.It is wonderful to see so many different daffodils gathered together as in your photo.

  • That’s a lovely shot – and I think I might just have a go next year. You’ve inspired me to make the leap… well, maybe!

    (and I’m with Helen, on both you and spring, and the advisability of sussing out a show first…)

  • Oh – how could you? :) Well done on your prizes!

  • I think daffodils look best in the garden when there is a mix of varieties, colours and flowering times. I prefer it to the solid uniform yellow which seems to cover every garden at this time of year.

  • Congrats on your win! daffodils AKA Narcissus are a huge genus.