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Gardening Mojo …

To-day was wonderful, we had sunshine for the whole day. I cannot remember the last time this happened, and I certainly haven’t spent a whole day in the garden since … probably early September before we opened the garden for the NGS. I think the dreadful summer, followed by an equally wet Autumn and Winter had taken its toll on both me and the garden

sign on the back door reading I'm in the garden

Today the sun shone, the sky was blue and the wind had dropped a bit from the perpetual gales that we seem to experience at the moment. I thought that really I should investigate the poly-tunnel as I haven’t poked my head through the door since I bunged a few things in there in the late Autumn and that is where I spent most of my day, clearing pots of old leaves, checking over all the plants to make sure they were still alive and generally having a good sort out.

The actual garden still looks rather erm … mangled, the high winds have not been kind, but I am amazed that the Honesty has stood all through the winter, and although looking a little battered, it still lights up the keyhole bed. What a star!

seedheads of honesty in January


I also took the opportunity to cut back the leaves on some of the hellebore’s which are busy doing what they do best – look elegant in the January sunshine.

white and pink spotted double hellebore in January

When I came in for tea I announced to Shedman that I had my “gardening mojo” back and launched into plans for the garden for this year. He gently broke the news to me that it would be raining tomorrow, and the temperatures would be dropping back down to 0 to -1!!!

Ho Hum – back to the studio tomorrow then. After all – it will only be the start of February, even if today it did feel particularly Spring like.

How about you? When do you get your “gardening mojo’ back? When do you start tending your garden, or are you a hardy soul who keeps going through the winter?

20 comments to Gardening Mojo …

  • Zoe

    It was just like that here today the sim shone although the wind was still fierce and cold. I did nt do too much gardening but made lots of plans and promises to do a tiny bit each day

  • Poo to Shedman – he may be right, but it’s still light at 5pm, and that counts for a lot!

    I love your honesty – I think it looks best slightly battered!

  • Dobby

    I might be brave and go and take a look at the garden tomorrow. Providing Shedman has it wrong!

  • I just love that hellebore although cleaning pots I’m not a fan of. Lol… well I might just be one of those hardy souls… when the mood takes me that is 😉

    Most of the time my gardening mojo kicks in when I haven’t planned anything… I’ve just gone out for a wander and then I pick something up… maybe I’ll move one plant over a bit and I’m off… hours pass… I go indoors happy… ah it’s good to be back 😀

    I’m delighted to hear you’ve enjoyed some gardening mojo today – perhaps you’re getting some blogging mojo back too? As for a Memory Lane Month anything could go from past gardens and visits too – just looking back to any garden stuff that you have fond memories of 😀

  • I think I could summon some mojo if I had that frilly, polkadotted hellebore to look at. Soon be spring!

  • Hoorah and that hellebore is gorgeous. Can I subscribe to your blog by email???

    • Karen - An Artist's Garden

      Hi Helen – yes this is the first year that hellebore has really settled down, and although it has produced flowers before, this year they seem bigger and brighter, so I am really pleased.

      Yes, you can subscribe by email, if you look at the top right hand corner of this webpage, you will see 3 buttons, the middle on says email, if you click on that it will take you to a fedburner page where you can enter your details – hope that helps

  • The trick to things at present, I think, is to develop a desire to sit and gaze at mud. All your dreams, that way, will be fulfilled.
    Surprised to see your honesty has stayed intact.

  • I think I was probably looking the other way when the angels handed out gardening mojo – my destiny must be to appreciate the efforts of the people who do have it. Having said that, I do occasionally have bouts of enthusiasm, I think I’m just too much of a wimp to keep it up. ‘Mangled’ so perfectly describes my garden at the moment – a combination of the weather and the dog…

  • Hurrah for the return of your mojo! I ripped out our honesty when high winds felled all the plants last summer, must find somewhere a bit more sheltered this year or hope the weather is kinder!

  • Hurrah for sunshine, honesty, hellebores and polytunnels. The honesty, in particularly, looks really magical lit like that. At least polytunnels provide shelter from the wind, which is mighty, and the rain, which is worryingly plentiful…

    Really glad you have your mojo back, at least the forecast seems to promise the occasional burst of sunshine in between the showers these next few days.

  • Your hellebore is gorgeous, just what you need to get you out into the garden again! So many little bulbs coming up now, its worth going out each day to see what has opened overnight. Gardening never really stops here as we don’t usually have it very cold so we just carry on except when it is raining!!

  • p

    Hi, Jenna seems to have the bug in our garden, she has been cutting back already. Shed man was only right about rain this evening, it was alright all day. Saturday promises to be good as well. Mind you we have to sort out the stream running through our yard, and down our track.

  • As mangled as the plant in that second photograph is, I think it’s absolutely beautiful! Even in the dead of winter there is so much beauty. Thanks for this wonderful post.

  • I spent 2 afternoons this week in the garden, clearing up after the snow and pottering in the greenhouse and it was bliss. I think it’s a slow process for me, almost like a creature emerging from hibernation. Seed sowing will gradually build from mid Feb and by March I should, hopefully, feel I’ve rediscovered my gardening mojo. It looks like a cold but dry week ahead so I’m hoping I can get out again but well wrapped up. I guess I feel truly back into gardening when I can garden without looking like a mini Michelin man. :)

  • I’m glad to hear that you have had a good session Karen and hope that Shedman did not dampen your spirits unduly. Here I’m still waiting for my va-va-voom to return. I’ve taken a few photos, ordered a few seeds actually went to the allotment for a committee meeting on Saturday afternoon. My first visit there since November and I couldn’t wait to get back home to the warmth :)I’m waiting for the temperatures to rise before I get into full gear.

  • I’m a pretty hardy soul and tend to garden at all times no matter how I’m feeling. I find it can bring me out of the dolldrums so tend to turn to it, even if there’s no chores as such to do! I just potter about finding jobs. I love your photos, they’re great and the hellebore looks gorgeous! I grow them too but they don’t look quite as stunning.

  • We have had snow today – can you believe it! I cut back the hellebore foliage the day before and that has been the sum of my garden work.
    Mind you I am a fair weather gardener – and am not easily deceived by the occasional ray of sunshine which looks so inviting then disappears behind clouds for the rest of the week :-)

  • today has been mild and full of birdsong. I weeded in the spiral garden and cut down some grasses. A nice experience.

  • p

    Well yesterday was a lovely day and I spent all day in the garden, no don’t faint I was weeding. Do pop in if your passing.