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End of the Month View – June 2011

The end of June is a funny old time of year really – perhaps more so this year because we have had such a rubbish May and June – but the last week or so there has been some warmth in the air, and the garden responds.

At the end of June, the garden looses some of the freshness and joy that the early summer brings, many of the plants start to loll around, and I don’t mean falling over and needing to be staked  - I mean they loll around looking relaxed and, well rather as if they are loitering, looking a bit fuzzy and muzzy.  The cerinthe in particular in guilty of this. The individual plants and flowers are still beautiful – but as a drift in the top border they look a bit messy, so it will be back to the cutting garden for them next Spring!

cottage garden type border

The Salvia involucrata however, promises much loveliness -

Although you cannot seem them (yet) in the top picture the dahlias planted behind it were supposed to be d. “Dark desire”. Sadly they are not, they are a rather strange shade of orangey pink – pretty but not in this location – and I am a little bit cross!

The view through the gate when you enter the garden ….

In a few weeks time the cosmos purity will have grown up in front of the green chairs – I was so pleased with the way they looked last year I have done the same planting this year.

Just inside the gate is the middle pond that we put in to replace a vast camellia that we removed

planting around the pond

grass path through the garden

Half way down the garden to the studio – the wild border is full of colour and texture – and it now starting to look mature.

And it is here I sit and look out over the garden and just now I think – “Well its not looking to shabby at all”!

Thanks as ever go to Helen / Patient Gardener for this very useful end of the month review.

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