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Belated Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

I cannot believe that I did not realize that yesterday was the 15th February, and Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day hosted by Carol at May Dreams Garden

So thanks for hosting GBBD Carol – and sorry I am late to the party!

So to-day I did a quick whip round the practically bare garden and came up with these:-

The images are clickable.

In the garden – I still have colour from the “evergreens” or in the case of the Pittosporum tom thumb – ever-darks.

I found my first daisy in the lawn to-day.

(ummm, mowing will follow on shortly then).

The Camellia is alive with vibrant blooms – little does it know that it is going to get chopped back to half its size when it has finished flowering

The Daphne continues to scent my path down to the studio.

The Primulas are looking lively and brash – when compared to the wild primrose – which although beautiful – always seems to be slightly grubby ! It was perhaps unkind of me to put their images next to each other – in the garden they are a good distance apart

The tete a tate Daffodils are starting to show some colour – which is very exciting.

My patch of snowdrops is very tiny – not like the carpet of snowdrops that I photographed yesterday.

The delight of my garden at this time of year is the Hellebores – one of my Desert Island Plants.

24 comments to Belated Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

  • VP

    Lovely, though for someone whose garden’s ‘practically bare’, that’s an awful lot of different blooms!

    I envy you your Camellia – we can’t grow them here unless it’s in a pot and that doesn’t do them justice :(

    VP’s last blog post..Tagging Along: A Quick and Easy Photo Meme

  • You have a nice variety of blooms and color from your evergreens Karen! Happy Bloom Day, better late than never! 😉

    Racquel’s last blog post..Their growing!

  • Beautiful blooms, Karen. :)

  • You have so many lovely blooms here Karen. My garden is very lacking at the moment, only the snowdrops and the promise of daffodils in their emerging snouts.

  • If your desert island turns out to be frosty and cold at least the hellebores will keep you good company! They’re lovely. Thanks for sharing them!

  • I also have Camellia envy. I love the color of yours and it looks like it’s an abundant bloomer. It looks like Hellebore season is in full swing in your garden. I can’t wait for it to begin here.

  • Beautiful blooms Karen. Your hellebores are just ahead of mine. As for the daisies remember that saying ‘Spring has come when you can put your foot on three daisies at once’ – it’s not so far off now :)

  • Dobby

    I agree whole heartedly with VP’s comment. You certainly have more blooms in yours than I do in mine. OK, I have a very small pocket hankerchief in comparison, but I am still envious. I guess that is partly as I can stand at the non existent gate and view my whole patch and the lack of blooms.

  • Karen,

    Your garden cupboard is not bare! It is filled with beauties…I do like the hellebores…they are a treat..and the camellia and daphne are delightful! ( Just the other day I did something I never do…I bought a daphne odora and a camellia! The camellia is named White By The Gate…who could pass that one up! Neither will be happy here, but I will try to baby them along!) Have a delicious week~~gail

    Gail’s last blog post..February Bloom Day~~I’m Ready For My Closeup

  • Lovely blooms all, but I especially love the Camelia, Daphne and Hellebores. No, I can’t play favorites….I love the daffs, primroses and snowdrops too. And even the sweet little daisy :)
    I’d take Hellebores to a desert island too!

  • What gorgeous blooms Karen! I’m so smitten by hellebores, must get some more! I seem to burn out with planting by fall and never seem to get bulbs into the ground, but I sure am lusting after all the snowdrops popping up right now! Such a sight for winter-tired eyes.

    linda’s last blog post..February Bloom Day

  • Jan

    I love that pretty pink camellia, and the helebores are so nice. Looks like you had more blooms than you thought.

    Always Growing

  • You can be late anytime if you are going to ‘bring along’ blooms like those. Lovely! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  • Love your snowdrops and hellebores. And it’s never too late to join the party!

    Jean’s last blog post..GB Bloom Day, Feb 2009

  • A beautiful collection! Lucky you!

    MyMothersGarden’s last blog post..Artists In The Garden VI: Karen Hall of An Artist’s Garden

  • Karen,
    Your Hellebores are beautiful. They are one of my favorites as well. I was “window shopping” at Plant Delights (a very dangerous thing to do – you might as well throw your pocketbook into a blazing inferno) they have the most wonderful selection of Hellebores. I couldn’t resist purchasing a couple of them. Your camellia is lovely, too!

    Liisa’s last blog post..Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

  • Good lord, woman, I would hardly call that “practically bare”! I can’t wait to see what you have next month, if this is slim pickings… no daffs here yet, daphne remains stubbornly clammed up, forgot to plant snowdrops and man do I need some hellebores after looking at everyone’s lovely ones on GBBD(andbeyond)! I had a camellia very like that one and it got pretty whacked one year, then the people who bought our house took it down entirely. I really miss having one, yet another thing for the wish list.

    Karen’s last blog post..Doing the Show

  • Wonders in your garden! This Camelia you have is simple irrestistible, I know I cannot have it ouside here but I must be able to have it in the greenhouse, don’t you think.
    Great post Karen/ Tyra

    Tyra in Vaxholm’s last blog post.."Me pascunt olivae, me cichorea, me malvae"

  • Practically bare? LOL I just have to laugh since I live in the north. If I had anything blooming I would be a happy gardener. I LOVE your camellia. Very pretty.

    Daphne’s last blog post..Nature

  • I can’t help but agree with everyone else Karen–if these were the only things I had in my garden it would be considered gorgeous! Your specimens are heart-warming and make my day today! I’m so happy to see such a variety of hellebores. I have only one plant, and it is a deep dark purplish color and I’m not that fond of it. I will look for other rich colors. And, like the others who commented, that camelia is to die for!

  • Amazing collection! I feel inspired to re-design my own garden :)


  • Karen - An Artist's Garden

    Thanks for all the supportive comments – but I have to say that the flowers look better up close and personal that they do looking across the garden – except the camellia – which is a bit in your face :)
    These plants were all in the garden when we arrived apart from the daphne and the pittosporum – so I suppose somehow I still don’t really consider them mine!

  • I have been rambling around the the blogs looking at flowers this evening. Lots of pretty things out this early in other places! It sure gets me in the mood to garden.

    Sandy’s last blog post..bokeh

  • You have a lovely collection of early spring (late winter?) blooms. Your purple and white Helleborus are sweet. Every little patch of Galanthus is a bit of beauty, while Primula always sing spring, whether modest or bold.

    Northern Shade’s last blog post..Shade Garden Design Change