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A Rude Awakening!

On Monday morning there was a large thump as the post hit the front door mat.  The Yellow Book had arrived. I thumbed through to find our entry.

I holler for Shedman “Sweetie” (Yes, that is what I call him when no-one is listening).

“The yellow book has arrived, our entry looks fine

“Oh cripes!” I muttered  “It is 16 weeks until our first open garden!”

Now, I know that 16 weeks is a long time, I mean after all it’s 4 months, an absolute age, but here is the thing – the garden got a bit neglected last year and, at the beginning of September I lost heart all-together. The eagle eyed amongst you will probably have noticed that I haven’t been around the internet very much this Autumn and Winter. Lots of little bugs seemed to attack me repeatedly, leaving me rather flat and disinterested. Although we did have some fantastic high points, No3 sons handfasting, my brothers wedding and a huge family christmas.  All wonderful and joyous occasions. It was just the bits in between that were, well – dire.

But now its February, the hellebores and snowdrops are poking their way up between the marigolds, argyranthemum and gazania (What can I say, we haven’t had any frosts yet). So after doing nothing and I really do mean NOTHING in the garden, poly-tunnel, or greenhouse since the middle of August, yesterday I made a start in the garden. There is so much to do!

Every year and I am sure that I have probably mentioned it on more than one occasion I yearn for a bit more balance in my life, while I was “not gardening” all winter I was doing things in the studio, mostly making handbags and creating something really interesting for a textile related day school for next October. So my perennial question for myself will be how to achieve the studio / garden balance, who knows this year I might actually manage it!

Naturally, now that I have a sliver of gardening mojo back, I am sitting here amid high winds, with gusts of 96 mph being recorded locally. The plants like tumbleweed are flying about the blasted heath, swamp, garden, and all the fences will need replacing. However, compared to the devastation in other parts of the country, as long as the silver birch dangling over the poly-tunnel doesn’t decide to keel over, this is simply an inconvenience, that is a bit, well, actually a lot scary.

So back to the yellow book and a plea to make this year the year when you visit some open gardens. After the weather we have experienced, the garden owners need all the encouragement they can get, and you will be doing something marvellous by supporting the NGS, who give away over 2.5 million to charities.

Sorry about the lack of images in this post – I may have my gardening mojo back – but the photographic one is still on its holidays.


23 comments to A Rude Awakening!

  • O M G… sixteen weeks!

    (Do you suppose it will have stopped raining by then?)
    Kate´s last post ..Questions for this gardener…My Profile

  • Karen - An Artist's Garden

    I do hope so Kate, 16 weeks its lots of advance warning …. you will be around wont you! ;)

  • Mad! So is that June you are opening? I may have to see if I can pop by
    Helen´s last post ..My top twenty readsMy Profile

    • Karen - An Artist's Garden

      Yep Helen, Sunday 8th June and Sunday 7th September (eeek) it would be lovely to see you whenever you can make it up here :)

  • Hi Karen, sounds as if you have had it worse than we have, we had the luxury of a bit of shelter from the Wylfa headland, and it has still been rather scary sitting here listening to it. Sorry about your fence, sounds as if it is the last thing you could do with, yet another job, but I am glad you have your mojo back, even if the weather isn’t cooperating. Will put the dates on the calendar and hope I manage to get off the Island to see you this year! Sounds as if you have had a lousy few months despite the joyous bits, hope the weatehr cheers up, and try to remember to breath occasionally ;-) Four months is ages, no problem, she said encouragingly from a safe distance…
    Plantaliscious/Janet´s last post ..Reasons to SmileMy Profile

    • Karen - An Artist's Garden

      Hi Janet, It was indeed a rather scary day wasn’t it! It would be lovely to see you here if you manage to “get off the island” and it would be very special if you came this way, not on garden open dates, just drop us a line, and then we could meet up with Kate as well :)
      2014 – the year when we actually meet up in person!

      • I’d love this to be the year that we actually meet, and Kate too would be fab. Fingers crossed then, will get in touch when I am up to the drive! And any time you want to escape your own garden and see one that needs far more work, you are welcome any time ;-)
        Plantaliscious´s last post ..Reasons to SmileMy Profile

  • VP

    S*d the photos – it’s just lovely to see you back, especially after today’s weather!
    VP´s last post ..Seasonal Recipe: Roasted Squash SoupMy Profile

  • Great to see you back Karen :) No doubt you and all those other lovely garden owners who so generously let us visit their patches will rise to the occasion but you certainly could have done without this dire weather. Hope to see you this year xxx

    • Karen - An Artist's Garden

      Lovely to be back Anna, and I really hope that this is the year that you and himself make it down this way (Although don’t come by train, that wont be working for several more months – err, and most of the places to park camper vans are under water!) If you cannot make it on an open day, I would love for you to visit whenever you can

  • Another welcome back from me, Karen :-D

    I can understand the scary (to see yourself in that little yellow book not just once but twice!) but there must be an element of excitement amidst the panic too that will get you through those weeks ahead. As for the weather, fingers crossed your house stays safe too.

    Enjoy reconnecting with your garden and blog, I’ve been doing a bit of that myself and it feels good ;-)

  • Another welcome back from me, Karen :-D

    I can understand the scary (to see yourself in that little yellow book not just once but twice!) but there must be an element of excitement amidst the panic too that will get you through those weeks ahead. As for the weather, fingers crossed your house stays safe too.

    Enjoy reconnecting with your garden and blog, I’ve been doing a bit of that myself and it feels good ;-)
    Shirley´s last post ..Wildlife Videos: Noisy Tawny OwlsMy Profile

  • Good to have you back, I have felt so sorry for the ones who have their gardens open for snowdrops at the moment, it must be impossible in some places. I’m sure you will have it all sorted in time and will look forward to seeing the photos.
    Pauline´s last post ..No Snowdrops were hurt by the Storm.My Profile

  • Dobby

    Mmmmm. 16 weeks. I had better get on with my fitness training then. Or are you installing a lift for me?
    Weather permitting, I will be over at the weekend with my trowell & knee pads!!

  • gratefully counting heads among the UK blogs I follow. Your weather is living up to the simply frightful. Hope it turns to spring as promised – after this last burst of bad weather!
    Diana Studer´s last post ..Nguni cattle each one differentMy Profile

  • 16 weeks is ages! Lovely to see you blogging again. Can’t wait to see your garden in June. I have very vivid images of it as a late summer and autumn garden. I think I must have missed June! Hope you are not blowing right away over there.

  • Nice to see you back Karen, a lot can happen in the garden in 16 weeks especially if the weather does decide to be a bit kinder. Hope you’ve not suffered too much in these recent storms. Good luck for opening day :)
    Alison´s last post ..A quinquennialMy Profile

  • Great to hear from.
    Good luck re the build up.
    I’m not worried.
    I no how fab it looks!
    Robert Webber´s last post ..‘Golden Balls’ – The Flowering QuinceMy Profile

  • Glad you are safe Karen and nothing too badly damaged. I’ve put the dates in the diary, who knows I might even get to visit!
    Christina´s last post ..GBBD – A sunny February BloomdayMy Profile

  • Now you have got going – maybe you will keep your steam up? Happy springing!
    Esther Montgomery´s last post ..LEARNING FROM CATSMy Profile

  • I’m sure it will look beautiful. I’m very tempted to see if I can swing by with Helen for your June opening.
    Victoria´s last post ..Wisley revisitedMy Profile

  • I know you’re busy (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but have you thought about following a tree with Loose and Leafy this year? There’s information here and a Link Box tomorrow (7th March).
    Lucy Corrander´s last post ..EVERYTHING IS DYINGMy Profile