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A little quiz

I am not sure if I have mentioned that I am now on the committee of our local gardening club …

It went something like this

“Karen, please will you be on the committee for the gardening club”


“But we need someone who knows about gardening”

“No, thank you”

“But you have so much to offer”

“Really, I am so busy, I just don’t have time to contribute to a committee, so no, but thank you for asking”

“Karen, we really do think that the gardening club needs people like you on the committee, you have so much gardening knowledge and enthusiasm, please will you think about it”

“Oh! OK, I will phone you tomorrow, but honestly, I really don’t have time”

The next day arrives, and I make a phone call ….

“Hi it’s Karen here, I am really chuffed that you asked me to be on the committee, but I really don’t have much spare time, I would love to accept on the understanding that I cannot take on board any role, which I feel a bit bad about as I am not keen on people who sit on committees without contributing”.

So, I was elected to the committee and of course, the person who asked me in the first place knew me well enough to know I would get stuck in! Which I have.

Last week we had our Christmas party and I did a little picture quiz – so for fun, have a look at the following flower images to see if you can name them. No prizes I am afraid, and I am sure that most of you will know them all :)

(They are all from my garden – so that should give you a clue)

I will put the answers on a separate page here, so no peeking!

I have not quite mastered the gallery function on wordpress – so if you click on a picture it will take you to a full sized image, but then you will have to use the back button to get back to this page. (Sorry)



12 comments to A little quiz

  • Now why does this tale sound so familiar Karen ? Great idea for a gardening club quiz – I can just visualise the animated conversation and scratching of heads. Off to look for my specs so that I can have a closer perusal.

  • I remember you telling me about joining the committee back in May I did warn you. Though not being one to heed my own warnings I have been persuaded onto the committee of a local group to help organise the summer show!! Had to be voted on and despite not having been to a meeting all year they were so desperate they voted for me – oh dear.
    I think I got the pictures though was a little vague on the actual names!

  • p

    I have been secretary of the bell ringing group now for 12 years, and I said at the time I couldn’t write or be able to keep up with the roll. I have tried a couple of time to give it somebody else, but they just say, no we couldn’t do it like you. xx

  • As the new and reluctant vice-chair of a regional branch of the Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers I can only sympathise. I’m assured mine is a ceremonial role, largely designed to back up the Chair and defend her from the fascist wing of the organisation (easily recognisable by their black shirts).

    Having seen the full range of shots, this is definitely the best selection…

  • I sympathise. I now find myself on the allotment committee. I was surrounded by retirees with a bit more time on their hands than me and yet none of them volunteered. It was quite embarrassing, so I succumbed.

    Really enjoyed the quiz.

  • VP

    Tee hee – I had a similar conversation earlier this year and look where that got me! :)

    I’m pleased to say I ID’d all but 2 and got the cultivars but that’s because a) I know your garden and b) grow those cultivars myself 😉

    It was a fun thing to do, thank you!

  • I got all bar the last one! Yay! I have just agreed to go on the board of one of our local tourism groups on the basis that I can do nothing more than attend meetings, no additional roles or work between times and like you I think this is a rubbish way of being involved. Watch this space. I predict an outcome a bit like yours!

  • Dobby

    Well I recognised them, but just couldn’t name them all!! I think I only recognised them as I am familiar with your garden. How embarrassing!

  • My brain is currently in a “that one’s poisonous” and “that one begins with C” state, so I can’t even name the ones I really know at the moment ::)

    I have just retired after about eight years on the local ME support group committee, having gone from secretary to newsletter editor to co-ordinator. I offered to leave several times before but they wouldn’t let me! It has been (mostly) enjoyable though, and I have made some good friends through it. I hope you find your gardening club worth the time and effort too.

    Happy Christmas!

  • Far too difficult for me! Very nice though :) Good luck with the committee!!

  • Well you know what they say, if you want something done, ask a busy person… Good luck!

  • Well Karen, I’ve never been asked to sit on anything – other than a spike. I too am (really) struggling with WP galleries and haven’t progressed as far as you. So well done. Why on earth isn’t it just dead easy, point and click stuff. I have to stand up every once in a while just to stomp around the kitchen and mutter. Any tips? Or a straightforward ‘how to do it’ page? Obviously, I know all the photos. (Cough). Dave